Makers Making PPE: Who We are and What We’re Doing

Who We Are

El Paso Fighting COVID is a group of volunteers from all walks of life. As our nation struggles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re coming together to put protective gear in the hands of those who need it most.

3D printing offers individuals a unique opportunity to produce objects of all kinds. When the pandemic struck, hobbyists and technology fans around the world began developing designs for masks, face shields, and even ventilator parts.

Now we’re joining their ranks, and leveraging our skills and resources to print and distribute washable, durable plastic face masks.

Want to get involved? Sign up now or show your support with a donation via our Go Fund Me page.

What We’re Doing

We’re using the Montana Mask 3D design files and PLA plastic filament to create emergency Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. Filters can be made by cutting apart a surgical mask or another type of HEPA filters.

We’re also 3D printing face shields and ear savers, and partnering with other volunteer groups to make sure facilities, organizations, and individuals receive the PPE they need.

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